Webex for Teaching

Using Webex for Teaching: An Overview of the Four Webex Centers

Training Center can be used for online courses, whether for synchronous classes, hybrid classes, or training/online lab sessions. With the added capability of break-out rooms for small groups, Training Center offers more instructional capabilities than Meeting Center, with audio and video conferencing, document and screen sharing, and chat features, with additional instructional features such as polling and emoticons. Recording is available in Training Center, although activities in break-out rooms are not recorded.

Meeting Center is another Webex online meeting platform which allows groups to come together in a virtual meeting space. Meeting Center works well for ordinary online meetings. Meeting Center offers audio and video conferencing, document and screen sharing, text-based chat, and recording.

Event Center is used primarily for broadcasting an online event to a large audience. Event Center is good for a webinar which a large number of people may attend or which you may want to record for later viewing. Event Center lacks some features contained in Meeting Center, such as HD video, file sharing, and limited mobile support, but is generally better optimized for webinars and online events. If you want to record a lecture in advance, you may want to use Event Center.

Support Center is used by IT professionals for end-user support. Technicians can connect to other computers to help troubleshoot computer issues. You probably won’t need to use Support Center for instruction.

Which Center Should I Use? If you want to:

Teach a Class (synchronous online class, hybrid class)
Use Training Center, and access it through the Mercer Webex portal at http://mercer.webex.com and login using your Mercer credentials. Schedule a session and communicate the link to your participants or invite them via email within Webex.

Hold a Non-Class Meeting
Use Meeting Center. However, consider using Training Center if you need access to features like advanced polling and breakout rooms.

Hold Virtual Office Hours
Use your Personal Room under Meeting Center. To allow students to login during a specified time period to meet with you individually or in a group, use your Personal Room. Login to Webex, choose Meeting Center > My Personal Room and start the “meeting”. Use the Copy Meeting URL on the meeting screen to send to students or invite them within Webex by putting in their email addresses. Students can move in and out of your personal room as long as you keep it open. Your Personal Room meeting URL will look like this:  https://mercer.webex.com/join/CODONE_S

Broadcast an Event to a Large Audience
Use the Event Center for events where you anticipate having a large audience, especially if you do not need some of the advanced file-sharing and HD video functionality of the other centers. However, if you do not anticipate an audience over 500 people, you could also use Meeting Center or Training Center if you are more familiar with those platforms.

Help a Student or Colleague
Use Meeting Center's screen-sharing functionality to work one-on-one with a student or colleague.

Join a Meeting from a Mobile Device
Use the Webex mobile app from the Apple and Google Play stores. For mobile access, encourage users to download the app.


Adapted from UNC Greensboro | https://its.uncg.edu/WebEx/Centers/